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Official Importers of Dietary Supplements In India

Top selling International Brands in India of Nutritional or dietary Supplements

1) Ultimate Nutrition ( Whey proteins, Mass Gainer, Creatine are their top selling products in India)

Official Importer: 
  • Paradise Nutrition
  • KAR Nutrition


2) Optimum Nutrition ( Whey Protein, Casein , Mass Gainer, Creatine and Glutamine are their top selling products in India)

Official Importer:    

  • Neuvera Wellness Ventures Pvt. Ltd,
  •  ARC Distributors India Pvt. Ltd,
  •  Bright Commodities,
  •  Primarc Pecan Retail Private Limited,
  •  Bright Lifecare Pvt. Ltd


3) Muscletech ( MuscleTech Essential Platinum Whey, MuscleTech Essential Platinum Casein, Fishoil caps, Pre-workout)

Official Importer:    

  • Muscle Pro Nutrition,
  • Neulife Nutrition India PLC,
  • Neuvera Wellness Ventures PLC,
  • Vitamin Planet


4) Dymatize Nutrition (Whey Protein, Mass Gainer, BCAA Caps)

Official Importer: 

  • Arena Impex/Ajeet Co. (AUTHORIZED BY 121 WORLD EXPORTS)                                    
  • Neuvera/Neulife (AUTHORIZED BY 121 WORLD EXPORTS)


5) MusclePharm (Blend Protein, Arnold Series, Pre-workout )

Official Importer: 

  • Unlimited Nutrition
  • Muscle Pro Nutrition


6) BSN (Blend Protein)

Official Importer: 

  • Neulife Nutrition Systems Pvt Ltd


7) Universal Nutrition (Whey Protein)

Official Importer: 

  • ARC Distributors,
  • Muscle Pro Nutrition,
  • Vitamin Planet,
  • Bright Healthcare


8) MyProtein (Newly Launched Brand in India But Europe's No. 1 Brand for many Products)

Official Importer: 

  • Paradise Nutrition


Now Some Indian Brands of Dietary Supplements:(Most/All Of them Import raw Whey )

1) Muscleblaze (Whey Protein, Protein Blend, Creatine, Glutamine, Weight Gainer, Mass Gainer)
In Simple Words it's Healthkart's Own Brand from their Own Company Bright Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


2) MyFitFuel (Whey Protein)

3) Six Pack Nutrition (Whey Protein, Mass Gainer)

4) Endura (Whey pro, Mass Gainer)

5) British Nutrition (Whey Protein, Casein Protein,Weight Gainer, Mass Gainer)

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Thanks for the information, It's quite difficult here in India to find a genuine supplement and your list is really helpful, and I didn't know that muscleblaze is healthkart's own brand that's why they promote it vigorously on every page of their website.

Thanks ashu for visiting my blog. It's good to know that you found it useful.

These are some really good dietary supplements that one should take if he is really health conscious. I have taken some of these supplements and it works really great. It really adds some extra energy to your body and I plan to continue this supplement as long as possible.

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Thanks Julia for visiting my blog and yes some protein supplements are good for your health and completes your daily protein intake specially which have quality ingredients also benefits your overall system.

This is really helpful, Well done blogger whoever you r...

Thanks divjot for visiting and reading my article.

Who is the official importer of gaspari nutrition in india

Neulife, perfect Nutrition sell their genuine supplements.

Hello Brother you are wrong in providing importer detail of muscle pharm product their are 2 importer in india for this brand 1. unlimited nutrition,2)muscle pro nutrition.

Kindly visit the link:-http://musclepharm.com/retailers/international-distributors/ and then select I for india from alphabets you will got to know the importers detail of musclepharm in india.

Thank you brother for updating my info, I updated the same in my article.

Yeah I found these brands on their site
Blender Bottle
Dream Tan
Gaspari Nutrition
Gifted Nutrition
Inner Armour
ISS Research
Labrada Nutrition
Muscle Pharm
Nutrex Research
Muscle Revolt
Quest Nutrition
Universal Nutrition

I am planing to buy a my protein product but i want to buy it from paradise nutrition only ... so i get the original product .. but its official website is not opening ..

try this.

Sir, where to buy genuine GAT supplements (GAT Nitra Flex) .......please mention which are the reliable importers for this ?? whether from proteinXpress of amazon.in or from esnutrition.co.in

Hi Jyotiprakash, there is no official importer of GAT to my knowledge but still I think ADVANCE SUPPLEMENTS(https://goo.gl/GbXqcv) is more reliable than others on amazon and you can trust them.

Most of the Amazon product's are labeled as bright commodites instead of bright commodities.. is if fake ?

yes i have noticed the same and send mail to bright commodities, but no reply

For ON only three importers given on official site.. Is ARC really genuine importer? I got on gold standard isolate from them.. I am not sure if I should return it or keep it. Jar and seal looks genuine

did u return the pack or using ... if so let us know ur results ??

Is osr impex (SSNC - sports supplements nutrition co.) is importer of BSN and SCIVATION.

and muscle house india pvt ltd is importer of ultimate nutrition.
Please tell me



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