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Friday, 25 December 2015

Best Protein Supplements for 2016

Another Year is going and we, Fitness lovers are entering into a new fitness zone with 2016. Every new beginning leaves some experiences behind and here as well, we conducted a survey on our favorite  supplements and got best five for upcoming days. Atleast  these 5 are taking a lead in the beginning.

      Healthvist brought completely unbiased opinion of all your favorite sports supplements or protein shakes and will continue to do so but before we go further we made a little survey that "which sports supplement or nutritional supplement benefited you the most in past few months." Many people tried various dietary supplements and many considered price over quality, we observed.

These Five Dietary supplements are most liked:

1) Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein: Prostar Whey top the list with maximum number of consumers and not only first time but repetitive consumers. This supplement is ranked 1 because of it's complete whey protein matrix and a very good amount of BCAA. We have reviewed the product and found that this supplement is actually very good in every aspect. Either it's protein quantity or price.

2) Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein: This nutritional supplement has been a champion since a long time, even this time when we investigated (behaviour or opinions) by questioning a group of people, we were amazed coz number of people have not tried anything except ON Gold Standard for years because they are happy with the quality and results.
(It's second with a little margin to the first position)


3) MuscleTech NitroTech: This protein blend will help you to build more strength and size than regular whey protein, that's what people happily said when we asked why are you using Nitro-tech. I also have described it as one of the best proteins in the market with good protein content and Performance Enhancers like 3g Creatine, 2g Alanine, 1g Glycine, 1g Taurine.

4) BPI Sports Best Protein: Surprise entry in top five but it's a quality product with good results and third party verification. I have not reviewed this product as I never got chance to do so but in near future I want to review it. People liked it because of it's results, price and taste.
5) BSN Syntha-6:  This nutritional supplement makes it to top 5 keeping it's most close competitor out from the list because of it's result. This supplement costs a little higher to the most of it's competitor but people preferred it over them so it must have some good. It's protein blend and taste brings everything from muscle growth to tasty protein shake.

 Stay Fit, Stay Healthy.

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  1. Great article, my protein makes it to the top 5. I use BSN syntha which is amazing in results and safe protein supplement.

    1. thanks harshal, and yes it's in top 5 because of it's results.

  2. Hey, I really like your post. I am really looking forward for the post which reveals the best body-building supplements of 2016. I used Body-building Supplements from Xtremeno in 2015 and I really want to know that whether to continue with the same or its time to change..!

    1. Thanks bro for reading my article.
      If I'll get a chance to review your supplement, I will do that but before that I can't make any comment on your supplement, you better now the ingredients and result.

  3. Informative post for me. I am really looking for the post which reveals the dietary protein supplements for me and I found it. Recently I am having HGH Bodybuilding Supplements and I really feel the difference in my muscles and workout. Does anyone use this supplement?


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