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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Ingredients To Avoid In Whey Protein or In Any Nutritional Supplement

Quality Whey Protein is the first Choice of any bodybuilder or athlete, for which every Nutritional supplement researcher want highest quality whey ingredients, and actually whey ingredients is a subject of concern but sometimes your favorite companies to make extra bucks, cheat you and add some ingredients which are not good for your health.Stay aware about ingredients which can cause mild to severe damage to your health and try to avoid them.

Which Whey protein should we take??

First thing is that Whey is an ideal choice for bodybuilders and recommended for it's easy digestion , low carb and fat content.The best part about whey protein is that it contains a complete amino acid profile, which is important for maintaining lean body mass.But even after numerous benefits, some whey protein ingredients are considered as harmful for your digestion or even for your overall health.Now the main question is that which whey protein to take?so take a whey protein which  does not contain the following additives in profile or avoid them if possible....

Heavy Metals:
Mostly Protein Powders don't contain heavy metals but sometimes by looking into the ingredient table(Nutrition in whey Protein),you can find them actually in 2010 a report says few leading supplement brands were checked out of them 15 protein supplement products revealed varying amounts of heavy metals in each of the protein drinks and powders,The highest levels of heavy metals were arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury which were appeared in the chocolate and vanilla creme flavors.


Trans Fats or Refined Oils:
look into the ingredients(Nutrition in whey Protein) and if you find “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” in the ingredient list for trans fat and also go for another check of soybean, corn, cottonseed or canola because they all are refined oils.In your Protein Shake or Protein Drink, Trans fats and refined oils block utilization of essential fatty acids in the cells, and also show inflammation in body sometimes slow your metabolism and cause ache and pain.So in Short Avoid Them.


Maltodextrin: (It has a good point, produces energy after your workout but read below first )
Easily, you can find it in your ingredients table because every 6th supplement has it either they are powdered or non powdered. It's actually very hard to avoid maltodextrin but , according to a review in the journal PLoS One in July 2014,Regular maltodextrin also has a high glycemic index rating, which means it can spike your blood sugar. While more research is needed in human subjects, studies using laboratory mice found that sugary maltodextrin promoted the growth of unhealthy bacteria, which damaged the intestine and increased the risk of inflammatory disease.So if possible Avoid this ingredient.


Well another Natural but not for everyone,Lactose is the sugar found in milk, and as many people are (sometimes unknowingly) deficient the enzyme required to digest it, it can be responsible for the bloating and wind often associated with whey supplementation. The only type of whey that can claim to be lactose free is isolate.If you have ever been the victim of bloating or wind whilst using whey, the chances are that your supplement may contained large amounts of lactose.


Most controversial artificial sweetener till date, if you will search internet "Is Aspartame Safe??" you will find 7 supporting articles and 10 non supporting articles.First thing is that it is FDA and FSSAI approved artificial sweetener but initially it was rejected and after so many years it got approved, well the reason at the time when it was rejected remains unchanged but still got approved.But it still need some more studies because aspartame breaks down in the intestine into three components: Aspartic acid, Phenylalanine and Methanol but normal food gives you sometimes more of the three rather you consume from aspartame alone.Methanol is a concern and some ill or I can say very ill adverse effects were also reported using the same, so staying away from any danger is good and you have some better alternative if it does not have any alternative, things would have been different then but it has got some good alternative so why choose it??After all a Chemical Is a Chemical.....


Well staying away from these things in a whey protein is not a very difficult task as you can search and find some whey proteins which does not have them and has good value of nutrition in whey protein, simply a high quality whey ingredients are all you need to search for other than these ingredients,  some types of artificial coloring(Chemicals) is also not good, if it is in your whey think upon it and should avoid it
How to Choose the Best Whey?

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, choose wisely

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  3. Hi sir, I appreciate the article which covers some bad ingredients but even artificial coloring is not good in supplements and I think We should prefer a natural flavoring whey rather than artificially flavored, that's why I consume ON Gold Standard Natural, with that my gains are slow but solid.

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