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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Universal Nutrition Animal Whey Honest Review

Everytime I come up with a new Nutritional Product and actually it takes time because I have to go through some serious studies before reviewing any sports nutrition product and today i am going to give my opinion on Animal Whey, a new outing of Universal Nutrition, a well known name for their sports nutrition products.So the product is a good success for the company and for the customers too, but lets take a deep eye into the product and find out if the product deserves that cost, we spent on it. We will go through our categories to get the result.

  1. Protein Profile. 
  2. Mixability and flavor taste ranking. 
  3. Value for money.

Protein Profile of Universal Nutrition Animal Whey:

The protein quantity in per scoop is very good that is 25 gram, but they have first considered the protein quantity  and than the scoop size i mean every flavor has a different scoop size and varies from 31.89 to 33.7 gram.Now coming to the extraction method so from their first whey product I am a fan of this brand as they never compromise on the extraction(Processing) and give the best. Animal whey has cross flow micro-filtered whey protein isolate, complemented by ultra-filtrated whey protein concentrate.(Must Know that if your product is a good whey or bad whey by it's Extraction Process).

It's A low calorie protein shake with digestive enzymes papain and bromelain, sign of a Great Nutritional product. It scores Great in it's Protein profile and can be given 9/10.
Only low point is it doesn't has good quantity of BCAA and Glutamine.

Mixability and Flavor Taste Ranking Of Universal Nutrition Animal Whey:

This Protein powder has a very good Mixability and such protein drinks are easily obtainable with any of your favorite beverages. Protein shake is creamy, thick and left no lumps in the shaker or even in the glass but mixing time with spoon is a bit longer, but it's not an issue. Overall mixability of the product can be given 9/10

 Now coming to the flavors, it has good range of flavors with good tasting flavors. Strawberry, Chocolate Chip  are Outstanding and other flavors like Cookies & Cream, Vanilla, Chocolate are fantastic too. All in all Flavors can be rated 9.2/10.           

Value For Money:

Animal whey is a great product with effective results too. It is Easy on stomach, great tasting protein shake, Good Quality, Effective, Easy to mix and overall a Good value product I mean It's very easy on the pocket, so pocket friendly and economical price are the cherry on the cake. Well this product has set an standard for Nutritional products in it's range. Now let's talk about it's results which are extremely good, gains are good and after asking several users, they(people using Animal Whey)  will continue using the product which is an achievement for any product. So the product deserve every penny we spent on it.Overall it can be rated as 9.2/10.

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  1. I have used it, It's results are far better than universal whey pro. Yes it costs you a little more but it's ok with such good results.


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