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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation 93 Review By HealthVist

Hard Work needs some appreciation, and if you are a bodybuilder your hard work results as a fit body and better gains.So healthvist takes care of your need and bring to you the review of pocket friendly Nutritional Supplements.
Today we will talk about a product which is brought to us by 
Ultimate Nutrition, a reliable name in sports supplements and their tag line for the product is "You Will Never Go Back To Regular Whey Protein Isolate Again".Well the product is really very good, we went trough our all examining steps and found everything very impressive in the product, and moreover we asked about this product from some bodybuilders who use this product or have used it, you won't believe 9 out of 10 were very happy with the product and it's results.But it's our Duty to provide you the maximum possible information, so we will again go through our three categories:

  1. Protein Profile.
  2. Mixability and flavor taste ranking.
  3. Value for money.

Protein Profile of Ultimate Nutrition Iso sensation 93: 

When we talk about it's protein profile, it's profile is The Best so far. Iso sensation has 30 gram protein in 32 gram of scoop.And good thing is, it's profile is independent of all the flavors.It has almost 94 percent protein( Much protein) per serving and it's extraction process is Double Cold-Temperature Processed with Cross-Flow Microfilteration, which is one the best method and results undenatured whey protein isolate(As Extraction Process is "Must" See Point When You Choose Any Brand's Whey Protein.).
     And this protein also contain Glutamine Complex, Insulin Sensitivity Complex, Digestive Complex and  Colostrum, so it is overall a complete required matrix in a whey protein supplement.

So it's protein profile can be rated 9.6/10.(Highest So Far)
And it has got over 5 gram of BCAA in just one serving.

Mixability and Flavor Taste Ranking of Ultimate Nutrition Iso sensation 93:

When we talk about it's mixability, it is superb and mixes with a spoon in a glass of your favorite beverage. Mixability in shaker is very very good , it mixed in 4-6 second only and does not leave anything left behind in the shaker or anywhere.So Mixability is great and can be rated as 9.5/10.

Now we come to the flavors,
Flavors are one of the important factors people choose the product because after rigorous workout every athlete requires some great tasting supplement and here we have number of good options available,All Flavors are also very good, some of them like Chocolate Fudge, Cookies N Cream, Strawberry, Vanilla Bean, Cafe Brazil are delicious and on the other hand Banana Ice Cream, Natural are Average but brings to you the thick protein shake.Overall flavors can be rated 9.3/10.

Value for money: 

Ultimate Nutrition Iso-Sensation 93 is a great product, that has every thing like Good Taste ,Very Effective,Great Quality, Easy to mix, and Very Easy on stomach, now finally we come to the product price which are actually very economical and now if you look at the protein quantity and protein quality(Double Cold-Temperature Processed with Cross-Flow Microfilteration), you will find this iso-sensation very much impressive and economical.A company always try to bring the best from it's portfolio and if you are considering Ultimate Nutrition and specially this product, you will actually think of the comparison(does any better product exist??), but believe us not even a single protein supplement, you will find with the same protein profile (94 percent by weight and 98 percent by quality) and gains are very impressive.So Overall a A++ rating from our experts and customers of the product.We recommend it for it's quality and not very heavy on pocket, so you can give it a try.

Overall it can be rated 9.5/10.(Best Till Date)

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  2. I have bought many brands of whey for over the last 25 years. I bought ISO whey 93-Cookies and cream and it taste outstanding, plus it's high quality!

  3. I have bought many brands of whey for over the last 25 years. I bought ISO whey 93-Cookies and cream and it taste outstanding, plus it's high quality!


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