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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dymatize:ISO-100 Protein Honest Review

Dymatize ISO-100 is one of the finest product available in the market,well protein has good components to discuss and most importantly it has already some awards from well known international bodybuilding websites.That's OK, but they have reviewed the product only but we will compare it and know that does that worth your every penny you spent on it(DymatizeISO-100).Let's check it a bit deeper by going through our three main categories and we will have the answer in the end for sure,
  1. Protein Profile.
  2. Mixability and flavor taste ranking. 
  3. Value for money. 

Protein Profile of Dymatize:ISO-100 Protein

Dymatize iso-100 Protein is a very good product.It's whey protein is derived from cross-flow micro-filtration processing (cold-filtered) to preserve the many important whey protein fractions including lactoferrin and immunoglobins(But many other has these components so not a big deal), so it has one of the finest whey protein extraction processing, and it has a third party verification to ensure it's quality.It's protein profile is Excellent as it has 25 gram protein per scoop but it's scoop size vary for every flavor from 29.1-31.7 gram. 
Mainly Gourmet Chocolate(31 g), Gourmet Vanilla(29.2 g), Gourmet Pina Colada(29.1 g), Strawberry(29.2 g), Cookies and Cream(31 g), Fudge Brownie(31.7 g), Birthday Cake(30 g) and all these flavors have 25 gram of Whey protein Hydrolyzed.                              
5.5g of BCAAs. 

Overall It's Protein Profile can be rated 9.1/10.

Mixability and Flavor Taste Ranking of Dymatize:ISO-100 Protein: 

Mixability is also Excellent , for all the flavors mixability is great and leaves no floating lump or any unmixed in shaer or even in a glass of water, in shaker it mixes in 6-8 sec only so it's mixability can be given 9.5/10.
Now coming to the flavors all flavors are good but to be true not that much tasty that waters your mouth before taking it, so flavors have a wide options to select from but overall all the flavors fall into same catagories,
Downgrading the flavors:
Gourmet Chocolate>Fudge Brownie>Gourmet Vanilla=Smooth Banana=Birthday Cake=Cookies and Cream>Gourmet Pina Colada=Strawberry
On an average Flavors can be rated 8.8/10. 

Value for Money(Final Verdict):

We have nothing to say about it's quality and ISO-100 is produced in GMP manufacturing facility and is Informed-Choice Trusted by Sport certified providing assurance to the athletic community that ISO-100 is free of banned substances.ISO-100 is one of the most advanced and effective proteins available as it's major and one and only component is Hydrolysed Whey Protein.So far it's results are also very good, good growth has been noticed by it's users also. Mixability and it's taste also don't have any issue.cost slab is also very much affordable, so overall Dymatize:ISO-100 which has Hydrolyzed Whey Protein isolate has nothing to think about but yes i would say please compare closely with Ultimate Nutrition Iso and even with prostar or with some other great products in the market ,if you are much concerned about Price, otherwise Dymatize ISO has best quality and cost too.

So overall it can be rated 9.3/10

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