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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro Honest Review

Today We are going to review Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro, a superior Quality whey protein and nutritional supplement.This product has a good quantity and quality of protein due to which it shows good results and has a reputation in the market and among the buyers too but does that supplement deserves the same hype?, so we will check it today with the help of our three categories.
  1. Protein Profile. 
  2. Mixability and flavor taste ranking. 
  3. Value for money. 

Protein Profile of Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro:  

"Whey To Grow", is a tagline for the product and it actually grows your muscles, which signifies the tagline.This is a quality protein which has one of the best protein filtration methods or you can say the best one, This whey protein is made from cold temperature processing which means that the protein is not denatured and keeps all whey fractions in it's profile.
Protein per scoop is not bad, 73.33% quality whey per scoop is delivered, and the best part is that Protein per serving is independent of Flavors so it's a very good sign of the great product.

So Protein Profile (22/30) is Very good and can be given 8.9/10.

Mixability and Flavor Taste Ranking of Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro:

Mixability of the product (Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro) is not the best, mixes easily but mostly best mixes with shaker only, not with the spoon in a glass of water or milk. So mixability is OK and can be ranked 8.6/10.
Now it comes to flavors, which are actually not bad, but again not the best too, they fall in between the fair to good except Mocha Cappuccino, which is better than all other flavors so flavors can be rated 8.6/10 overall.

Mocha Cappuccino(Best) > Strawberry Ice Cream >Vanilla Ice Cream >Double Chocolate> all others.

Value for money: 

So protein (Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro) has good profile and flavors are soft too, but moreover in price range is it a good choice, because prices are comparatively low to other brands but product quality and results(Gains) are very good.
Product quality is very good, and people have reviewed the product with good results. The only drawback is BCAA, that has minimal quantity,and Glutamic acid is also not in good amount, so only Pure Whey and that's it. So Protein Profile, Mixability, Prices, Gains are Good and pulls that product to a good rating.

So We can Rate It 8.6/10,on an overall inspection.

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  1. Hi, Good Review, I am using this product and I selected this because of it's quality which is even better than ON and Dymatize I think and it showed good signs of growth on my biceps specially. Dymatize and ON has few whey fractions unavailable in their Protein but it has them all so a good supplement.

    1. Hey, Thanks Bro and Yes, You are absolutely Right.


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