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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Abs Motivation and Best Abdominal Workout

Best Abs Workout and Motivation 
First of all, if you want abs by wishing them only, the article is not for you.If you are ready to getting off from your comfort zone for them, the article is all about that., because abs can't be made in kitchen and if abs are easy to attain why only 2 of 200 gymers have them.

How To Get Abs??
1) Get Motivated.
2) Get Smarter Ways to Do Cardio(do interval workouts combined with abdominal exercises).
3) Get Different Types Of Protein(Whey, Casein, Soy, Albumin )
4) Get Dry Fruits and Fruits (Almonds, Apple, Berries)
5) Maintain a Healthy Diet (Salads, Green Veg, Soy, Yogurt )
6) And Stop Doing Thousands Of Crunches.


Abdominal Workout: Make A Balanced workout for abdominal workout, ask your trainer to do so. Only Doing Abs Workout Sometimes hurt you, that's why a BALANCED Abs Workout,Few people have abs but because of extra fat these are not visible so in that case make some pattern fat buster exercises.


Few Workouts :
3/4 Sit-Up
Decline Crunch, Cross-Body Crunch.
Hanging Leg Raise(Hanging Pike)
Dumbbell Side Bend
Spell Caster Exercise( Advanced Workout )
Butt-Ups(Simple and Effective)

These all Exercises can be performed in a routine and with different body parts,all of them are very effective abs exercises.

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  1. It's good for motivation but I expected a bit more from you.

    1. Hi pranay, I can understand what r u taking about. Soon I'll write an article on abs exercises and diet.

  2. Try these ab workouts at home today if you wish to lose belly fat without visiting a gym or health center. They are really easy to do and can be carried out anytime, anywhere.


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